Seamark and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals sign strategic partnership

After many years of running a full reefer service at RST we have decided to make the next step in digitalization and professionalism.

As per the 1st of June 2023 Seamark powered by the Kramer Group will take over the full RST reefer service supplying RST and our customers with a custom made and highly automated reefer operation on a 24/7 basis.

In the picture we see Seamark’s Managing Director Boudewijn Ligterink and RST’s CEO Arno Storm signing the contract and therewith sealing the deal after a period of planning and discussing all relevant details with the mutual project teams.

The common goal is to supply RST’s customers and reefer owners with the best possible reefer service as a terminal. In the weeks to come we will set-up communication towards all relevant stakeholders to overcome any difficulties while we roll out this important change. During a later stage of 2023 the new procedures related to value added services such as PTI’s and other reefer related maintenance and repair will be available as well and discussed where needed.

Both Seamark and RST will do all in their power to overcome any inefficiencies for customers and other stakeholders and aim for a general step forward in our overall terminal service.

RST is proud of its reefer team and what they have achieved over the last 20 years in relation to all of our reefer activities however with the high demand for 24/7 service and RST’s growing capacity demand we feel this is the time to take this important step into the future.

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, also bringing temperature-controlled Europe to your doorstep

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New customer Eimskip adds new connections to RST network

We are proud to announce that on Sunday the 5th of November next we will be discharging the first of many future vessels for our new customer, shipping company and global forwarder Eimskip.

With the introduction of Eimskip to our customer base we will be adding a wide array of services and ports to our ever-growing network.

Eimskip is an international transport company with headquarters in Iceland who will offer direct weekly line service connections to Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Torshavn, Fredrikstad, Immingham, Bremerhaven and Vestmannaeyjar. Besides this a range of North American and Canadian ports are called via Eimskip’s own network.

Smart, Smooth & Sustainable

Smart, smooth and sustainable.

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals has progressed quickly since its change of ownership, with an increased focus on more customer-friendly and sustainable operations within the intra-European container market.

BG Freight Line and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals continue strategic partnership for the years to come

Times are challenging at the moment especially in the world of logistics and shipping. Worldwide shipping volumes and rates are at a long time low and discussions regarding energy transitions push all parties involved to take high impact decisions.

Decisions and investments which need a solid base and strong partnerships for the years to come. BG Freight Lines has been a loyal customer for over 15 years at RST. In these 15 years the business has changed significantly and our relationship with BG Freight Line has professionalized in many ways for instance by implementing smart IT solutions

Congratulations Ruud and Danny, 37,5 years of experience

What a celebration again this week. Within our experienced staff we celebrated the work anniversary of Ruud and Danny this Week. Ruud already 25 with RST as part of our operations team. There is no crane or vehicle this experienced operator can’t handle. Danny celebrated a respectable 12,5 years with the company as part of our operations team as a operator and shiftleader and don’t forget our one and only in house photographer.

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