RST CSR Report 2022

Please check our CSR report 2022 where we have defined our targets on People, Planet and Prosperity.
We also created a whole seperate website voor this.
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Download the RST CSR Report 2022 here

We are proud to show you Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals B.V. (RST), the No.1 dedicated Short Sea Terminal in Europe. We look back on the exciting and remarkable year 2020, the change of ownership at RST and we will give you a first insight on our terminal expansion operational by end of Q3-2021.

More about us

RST delivers

The short sea business is characterized by continious time constraints: every second counts. This is illustrated by tight sailing schedules and the delivery of containers just before departure. Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals makes every possible effort to service her clients and takes on every challenge. This flexibility is combined with a high level of service, which makes RST a reliable partner.

Close to the hinterland

Thanks to our excellent tri-modal connections directly connected to our terminal (road | inland waterways | rail) is what makes RST an excellent base for short sea shipping.

Sustainable transport

RST stands for sustainable transport. We encourage and accommodate transport by barge to reduce the number of trucks on the road.


Furthermore RST is directly adjacent and internal connected to the most important rail hub in Rotterdam. Also alternative fuels have our attention. RST participates in the EU-funded international “Door2LNG”-project which aims at an upgrade of the maritime links by ways of a LNG-fuelled multimodal transport chain in the northern Europe. One of our partners in this project is Containerships plc.

Latest news

Zero tolerance at Coöperatie City Terminals (CCT) as per 01-01-2023

Dear customer,

In recent months, as Coöperatie City Terminal, we have been increasingly confronted with excessive and transgressive behaviour by drivers visiting our terminals. The visits take place at one or more of our members namely: Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, Rail Service Center Rotterdam, Matrans, Mainport Neelevat, Mainport Container Services or Kramer Waalhaven. The behaviour manifests itself in manually pushing open barriers, deliberately driving through closed barriers, ignoring site rules, ignoring instructions from our (security) staff and aggressive behaviour towards our (Security) staff.
On several occasions, we had to seek the help of the police.

Whatever the reason for this behaviour might be, we no longer accept it. The limit has been reached!

Download the complete memo here