Responsible and sustainable

At Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vital to a successful future. We therefore actively pursue a CSR policy in which People, Planet and Prosperity are central. Our ambition is to transform RST into a truly sustainable container terminal.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As Europe’s largest container terminal for shortsea shipping, we consider it our duty to maximise the positive impact we can make on both logistics and society in general. We aim to achieve this by making conscious choices, whereby all divisions of RST are able to actively contribute. In this way, we integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business operations. Each year, we communicate our ambitions, our achieved results and our actions in terms of responsible entrepreneurship in a CSR report.

Our CSR Policy

CSR has become a strategic spearhead for RST. A company-wide CSR project group has defined our CSR policy and the objectives for the future in consultation with our management. We will annually update our CSR report and communicate our achieved goals and ambitions in the areas of People, Planet and Prosperity.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a starting point

In our CSR approach, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations serve as the framework for our policy and for our communication on this subject. These SDGs are seen as the global agenda in the field of sustainable development until 2030. Linking the spearheads of our CSR policy to the seven SDGs that are most relevant to our organisation enables us to offer insight into the manners in which we contribute to corporate social responsibility. Our ambition is to be the greenest shortsea terminal in Europe within a few years. This allows us to make the greatest possible positive impact.

Our CSR spearheads for People

At RST, we take care of our people by facilitating a safe workplace and offering a pleasant work environment with ample opportunities for development. Our spearheads in this respect are:

1. Safe and healthy working

2. Attracting and retaining talent

3. Training and education

4. Participation and sponsoring

Our CSR spearheads for Planet

At RST, we want to express the environmental impact of our business operations in a transparent manner. Based on this, we formulate concrete actions for improvement. The spearheads which we focus on in this respect are:

  1. Energy by opting for green power, electrifying equipment and our vehicle fleet, participating in hydrogen projects and more;
  2. Climate Change by substantially reducing CO2 emissions and introducing an environmental management system within our organisation in accordance with ISO 14001;
  3. Waste by reducing the use of plastic, separating plastic waste and reducing paper consumption in the office.

Our CSR spearheads for Prosperity

Rotterdam is a wonderful city of which we are proud. Therefore, we are happy to contribute to improving our city’s employment opportunities and quality of life. As a committed employer, we aim to add value to the community by providing employment opportunities and by facilitating training options for young talent. Before 2025, we will also introduce a diversity policy which aims to offer employment opportunities to groups that are currently still underrepresented in the labour market. Furthermore, we aim to focus more on innovation at RST. In the field of shore power, for example, by actively contributing to a concrete initiative aimed at developing technology and infrastructure for an emission-free logistics chain.

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