Only a few days to go – New Straddle Carriers arriving at RST

Dear Reader,

Every day is a good day for new equipment arriving at a terminal facility like RST.

We are proud to announce that as part of our significant long term investment plan  we will be receiving 6 new Straddle Carriers later this week.

RST is expanding and replacing part of it’s fleet targeting additional capacity, higher efficiency and of course constantly tracking and improving our impact on the environment.

The new Straddles are state of the art 4 over 3 stacking machines built by partner Kalmar Global Equipment Services. After arrival we will need some weeks to do final commissioning and testing before we will put them to good use in our daily operation.

More about this strategic delivery and our long term investment plans to follow soon.

Europe at your Doorstep

Shortsea in the Heart of Europe’s Biggest Port, The Port of Rotterdam

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A homage to our long term customers and partnerships

Flexibility and efficiency are important parameters on which our customers measure our service.  Matching these expectations is the base for long term relationships.

Below brand story in this years Nieuwsblad Transport Oliebollen Special is a homage to customers with who we hold this long term partnership.

New customer Eimskip adds new connections to RST network

We are proud to announce that on Sunday the 5th of November next we will be discharging the first of many future vessels for our new customer, shipping company and global forwarder Eimskip.

With the introduction of Eimskip to our customer base we will be adding a wide array of services and ports to our ever-growing network.

Eimskip is an international transport company with headquarters in Iceland who will offer direct weekly line service connections to Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Torshavn, Fredrikstad, Immingham, Bremerhaven and Vestmannaeyjar. Besides this a range of North American and Canadian ports are called via Eimskip’s own network.

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