New customer Eimskip adds new connections to RST network

We are proud to announce that on Sunday the 5th of November next we will be discharging the first of many future vessels for our new customer, shipping company and global forwarder Eimskip.

With the introduction of Eimskip to our customer base we will be adding a wide array of services and ports to our ever-growing network.

Eimskip is an international transport company with headquarters in Iceland who will offer direct weekly line service connections to Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Torshavn, Fredrikstad, Immingham, Bremerhaven and Vestmannaeyjar. Besides this a range of North American and Canadian ports are called via Eimskip’s own network.

Customer service and schedule reliability is key according to Eimskips local operations manager Peter Schouten. “We offer services towards high demanding markets in industry and niches like fresh fish where being on time is key” he says.

We are very proud to have won Eimskip as a customer according to RST’s CCO Jeroen Zwijnenburg. “With Eimskip we have gained an important strategic partner for the future creating new opportunities for all involved”.

Over the past months a mutual team has been preparing for this important step for both Eimskip and RST.  Next Sunday, the discharge of vessel Jonni Ritscher marks the first official act of this new partnership and all the preparations that have been done.

RST would like to thank Eimskip for their trust in choosing RST as their new terminal service provider for many years to come. We look forward and are driven to make this a mutual success.

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City Terminal Gate closed due to Palm Oil spillage on Reeweg crossing – update

Due to an external truck spilling a significant amount of palm oil on the Reeweg crossing right in front of the City Terminal gate we are forced by authorities to top our truck handling operations for the time being. The city terminal is closed for all flows including suppliers and visitors. We expect to reopen the gate at approx. 14:00 hrs several cleaning crews are on route.

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