BG Freight Line and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals continue strategic partnership for the years to come


Times are challenging at the moment especially in the world of logistics and shipping. Worldwide shipping volumes and rates are at a long time low and discussions regarding energy transitions push all parties involved to take high impact decisions.

Decisions and investments which need a solid base and strong partnerships for the years to come. BG Freight Line has been a loyal customer for over 15 years at RST. In these years the business has changed significantly and our relationship with BG Freight Line has professionalized in many ways for instance by implementing smart IT solutions.

Vessels and calls become constantly bigger, and BG Freight Line transformed into one of the most defining operators out there successfully combining real door to door Shortsea products with a strong presence in the European feeder market.

It is among many other things, due to this successful history, that we are proud to announce that a new agreement was singed today by BG Freight Line CEO Koert Luitwieler and RST CCO Jeroen Zwijnenburg. This agreement is the basis for the next phase of growth with most importantly the new 1,400 TEU vessels entering the BG Freight Line fleet next year.

A strategic partnership continuing an already long-lasting relationship for the years to come and where both parties mutually look forward to make this a success.

We would like to thank the BG Freight Line organisation, all of it’s employees and the vessel crews for the strong period behind us and the trust in RST going forward in these challenging times.

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