Comprehensive range of services

Besides the 24/7 handling of shortsea vessels, we offer our customers at RST a comprehensive range of value added services, such as storage, cross-docking and empty depot. Our service provision also includes the fast and efficient unloading and loading of trucks, barges and trains.

Part of the City Terminal complex

RST is located near the city centre, at the vast City Terminal complex. This allows us to optimally cooperate with other parties within this complex; companies that specialise in such areas as empty depot services, cross-docking and the handling of reefer cargo. Because we all share one central gate, containers can always be exchanged quickly and efficiently in an optimally secured environment, without further customs formalities or additional paperwork.

State-of-the-art vessel handling

On average, we handle over 50 vessels per week, which amounts to 2,500 unique vessel calls per year. Our modern terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment, ensuring that your cargo is always loaded and unloaded in the quickest and safest manner. When purchasing new equipment, we opt for green solutions where possible.
Central gate

Efficient truck visits

At Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, we fully understand the importance of efficient truck visits for our customers. In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment for handling these truck containers, we have invested in advanced truck appointment systems, fully automated entry and exit gates and the real-time tracking of cargo. Truck turnaround times are around 45 minutes on average. Compared to the past, that is half an hour faster.

Barge as a sustainable alternative

RST is committed to sustainable transport. We strongly encourage and facilitate transport by barge to in this way help alleviate congestion and reduce emissions. The barge is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for transport across both short and long distances. Our quays offer ample space to accommodate the fast and efficient handling of inland vessels by our experienced staff, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Barge Connection Maasvlakte
Optimally accessible by rail

Optimally accessible by rail

RST is directly adjacent – and internally connected – to Rail Service Center Rotterdam, the port’s most prominent rail hub. As a result, destinations all across Europe can conveniently and sustainably be reached by train. The more containers are moved by rail, the more the environment benefits.

Wide range of value added services

In close cooperation with other companies at the City Terminal complex, we offer various value added services on-site, such as:

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