Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals is Europe’s largest short sea terminal. We specialise in the handling of containers for short sea vessels. Over 800.000 containers are shipped by vessel each year. These containers are being delivered and collected by means of barge, train or truck.

Our services

As well as offering all vessel related activities (Import | Export | Transshipment), Empty containers can be stored, cleaned and repaired at the facility, ensuring the availability of perfectly conditioned containers at any time.

RST is an important hub for European maritime transport. That’s why we are always working on improving our processes. At RST cargo travels quickly and efficiently, ensuring a streamlined link between sender and receiver. We also accommodate co-operation between clients to make shipment even more efficient.

Our network

Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals plays a central role as a hub
between European ports and the hinterland. RST’s short sea network reaches from
the north of Africa all the way to Russia.