Terminal shut down for planned High Voltage Maintenance on the 24th, 25th and 26th of February 2024

Dear Stakeholder,

With this message we would like to inform you about a partial terminal outage due to planned maintenance.

Terminal outage period

The RST Terminal will be partially out of service between Saturday the 24th of February 12:00 hrs and Monday the 26th of February 03:00 hrs

Once every 10 years all high voltage transformers at RST need preventive maintenance. During the above mentioned period we have now planned the maintenance needed for our transformer supplying power to terminal zone 8 and 2 cranes on terminal zone 9.

More specifically, during the mentioned period RST will be closed for all landside operations. On top of this waterside cranes 1-7,  11-12 and landside cranes 8-10 will be out of service.

Our quay planning team will reach out to fill in any needed details and contact specific partners because we know the above will affect specific customers, areas and processes more than others. The detailed activity planning in regards to vessel calls which might be affected will be done closer to the actual maintenance moment mostly with our quay planning team during the course of weeks 7 and 8.

We will do all we can to limit impact of the above on your business and our Technical and IT teams are doing all needed to stay ahead of any unforeseen circumstances.

We hope you can assist in informing your customers and hauliers. To do so we have created a flyer which we will share on social media as well.

Best regards,

RST Management

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A homage to our long term customers and partnerships

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Below brand story in this years Nieuwsblad Transport Oliebollen Special is a homage to customers with who we hold this long term partnership.

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