Zero tolerance Coöperatie City Terminals as per 01/01/2023

Dear customer,

In recent months, as Coöperatie City Terminal, we have been increasingly confronted with excessive and transgressive behaviour by drivers visiting our terminals. The visits take place at one or more of our members namely: Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, Rail Service Center Rotterdam, Matrans, Mainport Neelevat, Mainport Container Services or Kramer Waalhaven. The behaviour manifests itself in manually pushing open barriers, deliberately driving through closed barriers, ignoring site rules, ignoring instructions from our (security) staff and aggressive behaviour towards our (Security) staff.
On several occasions, we had to seek the help of the police.

Whatever the reason for this behaviour might be, we no longer accept it. The limit has been reached!

Download the complete memo here

Automation of our lanes at ZONE10

This week we started with the automation of our lanes at ZONE 10.

For the drivers who are visiting RST ZONE 10 and who are directed to transferpoint BLOKKEN Z10, this means that they need to pick/drive into a lane themselves and confirm this lane at one of the three kiosks over there.
Please make sure that the cabine of the truck is on the yellow marker on the ground. Only then, the lane would be visible at the kiosk.

Note: For drivers who are directed to transferpoint STOP 10 at ZONE 10, please be aware one needs to use the gates at ZONE 09 as shown on the ticket. Since the tickets shows ZONE10, STOP10 it often occurs that drivers end up at the wrong transferpoint (BLOKKEN Z10).

At the kiosk, the driver can use his cargo card to select the lane the truck is parked.
If any troubles, the intercom can be used at the kiosks, so an employee of RST can assist:
– E.g. Lane is not visible at the kiosk?
First, check if the truck is placed correctly as described above.
If this is the case, please use the intercom.

RST TAR-Code changes

Pinksterweekend (4-6 juni 2022): TAR-code RST van 7 naar 8 tekens

Om voorbereid te zijn op de toekomst wordt de TAR-code van RST gewijzigd van 7 naar 8 cijfers. Deze wijziging voeren we door in het Pinksterweekend. Dit heeft tot gevolg dat reeds verstrekte 7-cijferige TAR-codes na dit Pinksterweekend niet meer geldig zijn.
Deze noodzakelijke systeemwijziging wordt doorgevoerd op zaterdag 4 juni a.s. na sluiting van de terminal voor het wegvervoer om 14:00 uur.
Klik hier voor de sluitingstijden RST tijdens feestdagen.
Nieuwe voormeldingen voor bezoeken na het Pinksterweekend kunnen vanaf zaterdag 4 juni om 18:00 uur via Portbase worden ingeschoten. Vanaf dat moment zal een geldige 8-cijferige TAR-code verstrekt worden.
Chauffeurs met een 7-cijferige TAR-code worden na de aanpassing niet meer tot de terminal toegelaten.
Meld daarom uw voormeldingen voor uw bezoek met een ETA vanaf maandag 6 juni 23.00 uur en daarna, pas aan na zaterdag 4 juni, vanaf 18.00 uur.


Pentecost weekend (4th-6th June 2022): RST TAR code changes from 7 into 8 characters

To be prepared for the future the RST TAR code will be changed from 7 into 8 characters. This change will be implemented in the Pentecost weekend. As a result of this change, the 7 character TAR codes provided will not be valid after the Pentecost weekend.
This necessary change will be implemented on Saturday June 4th after closing of the terminal for trucks at 14:00 PM.
Click here for RST public holiday closures.
New preannouncements for truck visits after the Pentecost weekend can be sent after Saturday June 4th 18:00 PM. A valid 8 character TAR code will be provided.
After the change, truck drivers holding a 7 character TAR code will not be admitted to the terminal.
So send your preannouncement for your visit with ETA starting from June 6th 23:00 PM only after June 4th 18:00 PM.

Lay-by Berths

RST offers shipping lines and cargo handling agents two lay-by berths at the terminal where ships can moor in anticipation of new trips, maintenance or repairs. Both lay-bys measure 225 metres (including mooring lines); the draught along the quay is 10.5 metres. The lay-bys are available for both shorter and longer periods of time.
This flyer will tell you everything you need to know.