Automation of our lanes at ZONE10

This week we started with the automation of our lanes at ZONE 10.

For the drivers who are visiting RST ZONE 10 and who are directed to transferpoint BLOKKEN Z10, this means that they need to pick/drive into a lane themselves and confirm this lane at one of the three kiosks over there.
Please make sure that the cabine of the truck is on the yellow marker on the ground. Only then, the lane would be visible at the kiosk.

Note: For drivers who are directed to transferpoint STOP 10 at ZONE 10, please be aware one needs to use the gates at ZONE 09 as shown on the ticket. Since the tickets shows ZONE10, STOP10 it often occurs that drivers end up at the wrong transferpoint (BLOKKEN Z10).

At the kiosk, the driver can use his cargo card to select the lane the truck is parked.
If any troubles, the intercom can be used at the kiosks, so an employee of RST can assist:
– E.g. Lane is not visible at the kiosk?
First, check if the truck is placed correctly as described above.
If this is the case, please use the intercom.